Dry Brushing - What is it and how should you do it?

Mother’s Day is around the corner and at this special time Radiance Spa is introducing The Dry Brushing technique for the body. This is a wonderful health treatment and your mom deserves it!

Why is Dry Brushing so good for us?

Skin Facts:

• Skin is the largest organ of our body
• It is responsible for the body’s detoxification
• Skin is active in blood circulation

We all know that it’s important to detoxify your body. The body’s detoxification system has many participants:

• Glands and transportation systems
• Skin
• Kidneys
• Liver
• Lungs
• Lymphatic system
• Gut
• Mucous membranes

Dry brushing your skin is like a gentle massage, stimulating all the above organs and cleansing the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is part of your immune system and is very important for maintaining your body’s fluid balance.

After a long winter season our skin is very dry, and dry brushing works like gentle exfoliation. After the treatment it’s good to use an organic oil, such as sesame oil, which moisturizes and helps rejuvenate your skin.

Also, if the top layer of skin is cleared by dry brushing, your skin becomes firmer. It stimulates removal of toxins which may also help in reducing cellulite. Your immune system gets stronger and muscles are toned. Dry brushing stimulates nerve endings which improves blood circulation. It is also a great technique for people who can’t exercise for one reason or another. It gives the body energy by oxygenating the skin.

When and How to Dry Brush?

It’s a very good idea to use dry brushing at home before you shower.

For a dry brushing professional treatment, come to Radiance Spa where a licensed therapist will show you how and will be able to answer your questions so you can practice this technique at home.


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