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"Radiance Spa is a warm, serene, and relaxing environment. Daiva is a sweet, friendly, caring, and knowledgeable esthetician, offering heavenly facials. The pumpkin facial is my favorite and such a special treat! My face feels clean, smooth, soothing, and relaxed after my treatment. Daiva provides outstanding services and I always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenate. I highly recommend Radiance Spa for your facial treatments." - Sheila

"I recently tried Radiance Spa Fit Body Wrap.  I found it relaxing and not at all what I expected.  I was worried that the heat might be too much for me but it was not.  It reminded me of a sauna laying down.  I was pleased when I woke up the next day with my weight down 1.4 pounds.  I will definitely be doing the Fit Body Wrap again.  I love that Daiva is always trying to find new ways to help her clients feel and look better.  Daiva is a real gem and I for one am glad I have experienced her true caring ways." - Jan T.

"Thank you for working your magic again!!!  I'm obsessed with these oxygen facials, so happy I found you Daiva!!  XO" - Brittany S.