Deep Tissue Massage – How is it Different?

Why would someone want a deep tissue massage? According to The Mayo Clinic, "This massage technique uses slower, more forceful strokes to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, commonly to help with muscle damage from injuries."

Muscle injury is not necessary to have a deep tissue massage at Radiance Spa. All you need is an appointment. We offer 30 minutes, 60 minutes and a 90-minute deep tissue massage.

But what is a "deep tissue massage?" The short answer is it's a more intense version of the Swedish massage. The longer answer is:

Deep tissue massage works muscles very deeply. The idea is the masseuse reaches beyond surface muscles to realign layers. The technique is very effective for chronic pain, sore shoulders, stiff necks and back and lower leg pain.

It differs from a traditional massage because the strokes are slower with more pressure. Particular attention is focused on areas with deep tension and pain. The masseuse even works the connective tissues surrounding the muscles.

When you're injured, or you just have a lot of tensed muscles, you can develop "adhesions." This is a band of painful muscles, tendons and ligaments that don't want to move freely. That tension causes pain, limits how much you can move and even causes inflammation.

Think of it as a muscle cramp that won't go away after a few minutes. That's the adhesion.

The deep massage breaks down the adhesions. You get normal movement back and the pain goes away.

Does it hurt? It can. Unfortunately, if the adhesions are deep and have been there a while, breaking them free may cause some discomfort. If you have a deep tissue massage at Radiance Spa and it hurts, please tell the masseuse immediately.

If you think a deep tissue massage is right for you, call Radiance Spa today to book an appointment.


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