What is Radiance Cancer Care Program?

Cancer Care Program at Radiance Spa is dedicated to helping those who have experienced or are living with cancer lead healthier lifestyles and decrease the stress associated with cancer. Radiance Spa has become one of the first spas in the region certified as “Cancer Aware“ by the global spa directory Spafinder Wellness 365™®.

Radiance cancer care treatments for men and women are safe and are carried out by expertly trained therapists. Our massage therapists and esthetician have completed comprehensive training in safe cancer care treatments lead by Wellness for Cancer – the first organization to establish standardized, objective, cancer- focused training for the spa and wellness industry. The power of touch can decrease stress, anxiety, depression and provide comfort for both cancer patients and survivors.

Cancer unfortunately affects us all. According to the American Cancer Society, about half of all men and one-third of all women in the US will develop cancer during their lifetimes. In our daily practice as spa therapist we encounter more and more clients that have been touched by cancer directly or have someone close who is battling with the disease. Having cancer changes your life and the lives of those around you. It not only causes physical changes, but also affects the way you feel and how you live. There is no doubt that cancer patients and survivors are among those who need wellness services the most.

Spa Therapy Options

“An individual is not a diagnosis or a situation, they are something much greater.” Julie Bach, Creator of Wellness for Cancer

Radiance Spa offers holistic treatments that are tailored to each client’s needs. Your experience with cancer is very personal, thus we feel that having a customized session is the best approach to help you feel relaxed and connected. We offer massage and facial treatments aimed at easing the pain, discomfort and stress.

We offer a time and place to recharge your mind, body and spirit. Traditionally oncology massage is offered in clinical settings, such as hospitals or cancer care support centers. Our clients can relax and be pampered in quiet and soothing non-medical surroundings. It is a wonderful opportunity to bring your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves back into alignment.

Radiance Spa Cancer Care program offers clients dedicated time to recharge on their own or spend quality time with family and friends who can also enjoy our spa treatments. Cancer care clients can choose an individual treatment or choose a Comforting Package.

What are the Benefits?

While spa therapies may not play a direct role in curing the illness, they could play an increasingly important role in helping you cope with signs and symptoms caused by cancer and its treatments.

Massage therapy can help you manage treatment related side effects and improve quality of life during the treatment, recovery and in survivorship. Studies have shown that massage therapy helps reduce pain, mood disturbance and fatigue in cancer patients. It can reduce muscle soreness, stiffness and promotes relaxation. Massage also improves physical, physiological and emotional well-being. Our therapists will make necessary adjustments to accommodate positioning and pressure to address your individual needs.

Various treatments and medicine can have negative effects to the skin. Some of the more common skin changes include redness, dryness, acne and hyperpigmentation. Professional skin care, combined with professional care, as well as appropriate at-home products can alleviate or minimize some of the side effects.

Including spa treatments into your daily life is a step towards your well-being. Our goal is to help you find inner peace in a relaxing setting.

Explore Guide to Controlling Cancer Pain by American Cancer Society to learn more about benefits of Relaxation and Skin Stimulation.

Who is it For?
This program is for people who have been touched by cancer.

Spa treatments can be performed during or after medical treatments (with certain time restrictions) helping ease side-effects of the traditional treatment.

It is very important to talk to your doctor before you try anything new. We will gladly work with your medical professional to ensure that nothing gets in the way of your cancer treatments. It is the attention and mindful touch that provides most of the healing.

We recommend an introductory facial to go over a plan of treatment, if facials aren't something you enjoy we can also begin with a massage. Please note that not all of our massages are appropriate depending on your particular cancer. We ask that you have a brief consultation prior to your massage so that our care does not interfere with your healing.

Hylunia's Jadestone Facial

A special facial just for you. Watch the video below to find out more about this treatment option.