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Radiance Petite Escape
(1.5 hours)

What a better way to spend a fun day out with friends than by pampering yourselves! This package includes a restoring one-hour Swedish massage followed by an Aromatherapy Mini Facial.



Her Luxurious Day
(2.5 hours)

Reveal Rejuvenated Skin
Wash away your stress with a one-hour Swedish massage, relaxing aromatherapy scalp & foot massage, followed by a one-hour Vitamin C Brightening Facial.


Balancing Ritual
(2 hours)

Refresh Your Body
This package includes a relaxing one-hour Swedish massage with natural oil, followed by an amber body exfoliation and antioxidant mask.  




Couples Retreat
(2.5 hours)

Luxuriously Comforting
Enhance your romance in our exceptional couple’s suite while you relax with soft music and candle light. Package includes a soothing one-hour Couple’s Swedish massage with aromatherapy scalp massage and foot scrub followed by an Aromatherapy Mini Facial.

Fountain of Youth
(3 hours)

Special Birthday Package
This package includes a one-hour restoring Hot Stone massage followed by an exfoliating body scrub and hydrating mask.  You will then be treated to the one-hour rejuvenating Radiance Signature facial.

Pure Stress Relief

(2 hours)

Relax and Refresh
Enjoy two hours of pure stress relief!  Our one hour Japanese Cosmo facial massage helps to firm and tone the skin.  You will feel tension melt away as the massage lifts and strengthens the muscles of the face.  Then one hour of reflexology which helps to relieve stress and relax your full body by applying pressure to specific points on the hands and/or feet that correspond to the different systems of the body.

Bridal Packages 

Bachelorette Escape

A Journey of Sensations
Pamper yourself with full body scrub, followed by soothing massage, rejuvenating facial with extra attention for the tense neck, shoulders and arms.

Bride To Be

Harmonize Body and Mind
This luxurious package includes relaxing one-hour hot-stone massage with foot reflexology and Brightening Facial, finishing up with make-up session to give you that brilliant glow.

For the Groom

Treat Yourself to a Luxurious Experience
Prepare for your special day starting with toning one-hour Combination massage and glow-restoring facial with scalp and neck massage.
All of our guests will enjoy refreshments and complimentary wine. We also have hot steam saunas for our guests to enjoy.

Beautiful Bride
Your wedding is a very special occasion. You'll want to look and feel your absolute best on the big day. While you may be focused on gowns and veils right now, it's also a good time to plan for skin that's all the more radiant when you walk down the aisle. 
A good skin care routine can play a large role in helping you look your best. Your skin care professional can help you manage break-outs from the stress. You can work months ahead on a treatment plan that will give you the bridal glow. Careful planning will be your best ally during this exciting and busy time. 
Talk to our professional staff so we can work together on a stress-free preparation for your special day!
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Gift Packages and Parties
Enjoy luxurious skin care and spa treatments as a group with your friends and family. You can never have too much beauty, wellness or relaxation.